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    Jeremiah Medical and Recovery Funds




    WYSA Family,

    This is one of our WYSA players, please take a look and any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Jeremiah Medical and Recovery Funds

    Jeremiah Hart is a 9 year old boy who has a loving single mother, Bridgett Hart, and loving little sister Rebecca Hart.   On 11/21/15, his family was shopping at the mall when Jeremiah was accidentally hit and pinned to a building by a car.  He has sustained serious injuries which include both his legs being broken, fractures in his back, damage to his kidney, liver and colon, internal bleeding and blood circulation issues to his left leg.   Yesterday he was in surgery all day to try and restore circulation to his left leg.  He has many more surgeries to resolve his remaining medical injuries and extensive rehabilitation in front of him.

    My name is Jonathan Tran and I have coached Jeremiah on the Hulks 06' since 2012.  Soccer is Jeremiah's favorite thing to do and his passion.  He has the biggest heart and puts in the most effort I have ever seen.  I have started this fund to help his family with the upcoming medical bills and other needs that may arise.  If you have questions please let me know.   Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

    Please pray for Jeremiah as well.  God bless.


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