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Welcome to Wylie Youth Soccer Association!

For practice fields we recommend you contact the City of Wylie Athletic Field Hotline 972-516-6350.

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Players play, coaches coach, referees officiate, fans support. 

A soccer referee, by definition, is an authority who supervises and governs the play of a match to ensure safety and fairness in accordance of the Laws of the Game. Referees are asked to make neutral, split second decisions based on what they see in the midst of a competitive environment, full of biased influences, and deceivers. The FIFA Laws of the Game, more so than other sports, are prone to subjection because of the word “discretion”, which appears five times in the Laws of the Game. Discretion is defined as the freedom to decide what should be done in a particular situation, and the FIFA Laws of the Game bequeaths referees the freedom to make decisions based on their perspective, understanding, and judgement. The word “discretion” creates a lot of gray area in a rule book that would otherwise be very black and white, and prone to less subjection from players, coaches, and fans. It is our beautiful game, and discretion of referees is an element of that beauty. 

With elements of perspective, understanding, judgement, and discretion in a competitively biased environment, the quality of referee performance is subject to all those variables. Too often, players, coaches, and fans expect officiating robots, flawless decision makers. What should be expected are differences of perspective, understanding, judgement, discretion, and competitive bias. It should be expected that referees will make mistakes. Yes, go into each game expecting the referees will make mistakes, because they will just as the players will. When faced with 10 split second decisions in a game, players will make mistakes in technical and tactical execution and players, coaches, and fans (for the most part) are accepting that player’s split second decisions will not be 10 out of 10. Why is our standard for 10 split second decisions by referees any different? 

When it comes to youth soccer especially, we need players, coaches, and fans to offer more leniency, understanding, and respect for referees. Professional players play in professional games officiated by professional referees. Developing youth players, play in youth games officiated by developing referees. Verbal and physical dissent of referee decisions is disrespectful, unacceptable behavior, and offers no positive rewards. Players, coaches, and fans should be more concerned with what they can control than what they cannot control. We cannot control referee decisions but we can control our ability to respect, cope, and play through decisions of the referee. 

In an effort to further support our association’s mission to provide the North Texas community an enriching competitive soccer association focusing on long-term player development and training as well as a unified, positive soccer experience for our youth enhancing their skills and passion for the game that translates into success both on and off the field in a manner that focuses on long-term character building. WYSA does not permit verbal or physical dissent towards referees by our players, coaches, and fans. We believe the playing environment is the most crucial component of our player development philosophy and referee dissent of any kind has a negative impact on the playing environment and player development. Please help better WYSA this season by making a conscious effort to ‘Respect the Refs’!

Mike Emmert, President 

Attention WYSA!

Picture Days are Saturday September 24 and Saturday October 1

Please Note that we are based in Houston and those are our only 2 scheduled Dallas dates for this WYSA Season, so we encourage everyone to make one of the picture days.


Cooper Junior High School
101 Hensley Lane, Wylie, TX 75098, United States
In The GYM!

Picture time starts at 7AM

Everyone (Players and Coaches) should report for Pictures at your scheduled time. PLEASE be on time!

Schedule can be found HERE (Click Here) attached! It is arranged  by teams, and will be about an hour before your game time. Players will be photographed individually on white screens. Team photos will be digitally created. No waiting for team photos! 

We will have the following procedures

  • NO CLEATS IN THE GYM! We won't see your shoes in the final photo!
  • Minimal Contact - No order forms - Online ordering only  The prepay site will be live by Wednesday 9/21/2022, and you will get a notification of the go live status. 
  • No Cash or Check payments.
  • Please bring your own soccer ball for the individual photo,  we are trying not to share props we will have a limited number of soccer balls.
  • If you pre-order by the last Photo day (10/01) you will get 10% off of your purchase price The Code will Be WYSA22
  • All orders will be mailed to your home. Coaches/ Team Moms -  you don't have to distribute photos anymore!
  • If you don't want to pre-order - All players will get an individual, secure online gallery for viewing/ purchasing their photos approximately 20 days after Photo Day. If you didn't pre-purchase your photos this would be your chance to decide if you want them!
  • This is a fundraiser for WYSA ( A portion of proceeds goes to fund WYSA and their Activities), 

What Happens on Picture day?
You arrive at your scheduled time, check in with our Customer service folks, and get your camera card,  Check your player's name for spelling and team.
Write your player's  Jersey number on the card. (If you want that in your memory mate)
The player(s) or coach take their Camera card(s) to any open photo bay, get photo'd with their card, take their team pose photo, take their Individual photo and then leave (leaving the camera card with us).

It is recommended that you take a picture of the camera card as that will have your player's access code to their personal gallery. 

Our goal is to get you in and out in 10 minutes.

With our new ordering system if you have More players you can add them into one order!

Some things won't change:

  • PortraitEFX Offers 100% Satisfaction - Guaranteed. If You aren't happy with your photos, just let us know and we will gladly refund your money.
  • Sibling Photos are not just allowed they are encouraged!

Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your scheduled time. Please tell your players to NOT WEAR CLEATS. (We don't photograph anything below the knees.)  If you cannot make your scheduled time please contact Kevin Dunn at 832-752-7561/ to reschedule.

THERE WILL BE NO WAITING FOR TEAM PHOTOS.  All Players AND Coaches MUST be photographed individually and we will digitally create the Team photo using "White Screen" technology.    We will photograph each person as they ARRIVE, so there’s no waiting for a Team photo to be taken.

Thanks and we look forward to photographing you!


Again, EVERYONE (Coaches included) must be photographed individually and EVERYONE (Coaches included) must get their picture taken with a camera card.  This is so we can identify everyone for the Team photo. (Coaches Need to get a picture for EACH team they coach)

If you have any questions please contact Kevin Dunn at this email or 832-752-7561. We look forward to seeing you on the24th or the 1st!

You could win VIP tickets to the 2022 Premier League Mornings Live Fan Fest in Philly!HOW TO ENTER